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Latest News MTS Speed-Building Challenge 17th Oct 2018 at 7:25 PM EDT

Autumnal/whatever the spring equivalent of "autumnal" is greetings to all of you MTSers! (Okay, admin Heaven looked this up and apparently the spring equivalent is "vernal"? Weird. I don't care for it. Not changing my phrasing.) Anyways, to celebrate the post-spooky/pre-festive season, we wanted to do a fun event ... read more

Older News Cutest Little PlumBob MTS Baby/Toddler Photo Contest for Sims 2, 3, and 4 2nd Oct 2018
Nysha's New Creators for September 1st Oct 2018
New Creator Theme: Elders! 1st Sep 2018
Nysha's New Creators for August 1st Sep 2018
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Converting Sims 1 Walls and Floors to The Sims 2 17th Oct 2018 8:27 AM EDT
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Custom Life Stage: PreTeen (Sims 3) Yesterday 5:42 PM EDT
create ghosts pets in CAS Yesterday 5:38 PM EDT
one object has two different UV 22nd Oct 2018 4:47 PM EDT
Blender 2.73+ GEOM Plugin 21st Oct 2018 8:50 PM EDT
Action a "Ask to Leave Home" , autonomous and available playable sim 21st Oct 2018 1:01 PM EDT
Extracting some userpreset.package files and converting them to packages 20th Oct 2018 6:50 PM EDT
Sea, Sky and Light parameters- let's learn! 18th Oct 2018 7:11 PM EDT
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Glow effect on accessories 14th Oct 2018 7:47 PM EDT
How to make CAS items without using Milkshape. 14th Oct 2018 11:47 AM EDT
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Help for a New Builder and CC Creator 21st Oct 2018 12:45 AM EDT
Help With Decal 20th Oct 2018 10:28 PM EDT
Road to Fame Attractiveness Problem 20th Oct 2018 12:54 AM EDT
How do you make custom foods and drinks? 19th Oct 2018 3:22 PM EDT
Python decompiler batch file 19th Oct 2018 2:55 AM EDT
Dialogue Text Editing / Pronoun Choice for Sims 18th Oct 2018 9:00 AM EDT
Need help with new mod tuning 18th Oct 2018 2:58 AM EDT
Animated texture objects (TXMT animations) 13th Oct 2018 3:08 AM EDT
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